The importance of scale through precision engineering


Jan 28, 2019

We are heading into 2019 by defining our Anders services and solutions as ‘A Product Fulfilment Company (PFC)’.

Our definition of PFC:

A company that can take an idea or concept and fulfil its potential worldwide in any and every possible market, ensuring that it is properly engineered, designed, developed, protected, approved, certified and delivered.

In fact, a PFC manages the product fulfilment from innovation to end of life, entering and exiting markets effectively for their customers.

What makes a good PFC?

  • Scale
  • Scope
  • Satisfaction

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of scale.Scale as it relates to Anders

What do you think about when you hear the word scale?

  1. The scales on a fish?
  2. Scaling Mount Everest?
  3. A musical scale?

At Anders, we can relate to all three of these answers.

Team Anders

Much like the scales on a fish vary in size, shape, and structure, we understand that no two customers are the same, nor are their journeys as they navigate their way through ever-changing waters. This is why we specialise in a custom solution, to optimise their position, helping them to design and display their future. Flexible and agile manufacturing for quality, scale, and competitive positioning. Enabling customers to swim efficiently through calm waters, our internal resources and the breadth and depth of their experience and expertise enable Anders to offer the latest in services and solutions:

66 years in the electronics industry
39 years dedicated to LCD display technology
20 years of embedded CPU and MCU technology
10 years of creative embedded displays
30+ industry experts located within our London Design and Development Centre of Excellence
12 qualified engineers across our full-service spectrum of design, development – displaying engineering
25+ years of product development and overseas manufacturing experience

Economies of Scale

The second being ‘economies of scale’, and how our customers can take advantage of the long-term and robust relationships that we have with the entire electronics manufacturing supply chain. For example, we work closely with the leading Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs), to source our component parts in volume. Our customers benefit by leveraging off these relationships, which offer true cost and lead-time benefits. We literally move ‘mountains’ of components!

From a Batch Size of 1 to 100,000’s

And lastly, our flexible and adaptable approach to manufacturing allows our customers’ manufacturing forecasts to fluctuate as per actual market demands. Our core competence is being able to service a High Mix/Low Volume and Low Volume/High Mix (MH/LV – LV/HM) business with complex, customised needs, meaning that no customers get lost in the system. Being able to ramp up and down to the rhythm of our customers’ markets is music to their ears!

Through precision engineering and connected solutions, we scale to meet your aspirations.

Get in touch to start your next LCD display and embedded project with a reliable Product Fulfilment Company!