Software is everywhere - so it must be right


Sep 27, 2021

In today’s developed world software will affect almost everything that you do in your day-to-day life. From the alarm clock that wakes you, to the kitchen appliance that you switch on to prepare your coffee, to the thermostat that you touch to set the water temperature for your shower, you’ve engaged with a series of software solutions before you even leave your home, never mind before you’ve switched on your computer, laptop and/or mobile phone!

So, with this in mind, given the level of varying applications that we are now heavily dependent on in the modern ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) world that we live in, it’s really important to ensure that the design of your product/technology takes into account the function that it will perform.  This extends from the front-end display to CPU performance and everything in between. 

Much like a high-end sports car is more than a sleek piece of steel, good design encompasses the entire end-user experience. That’s’ our ‘fit for purpose’, design-led company model.

Anders software services key for product design

Software development and integration is key

Whether you want to upgrade your UX and keep your hardware, or happy with your software but want to upgrade your hardware, the development and integration is key.

At Anders, our embedded products are fully supported by well documented BSPs covering multiple operating systems and peripheral driver integration support is available. This also includes touchscreen firmware functionally and frequency tuning to harmonise with the host embedded system.

Through a series of blogs, we will walk you through how our expert engineers and development team innovate and create, as well as providing examples of solutions presented to strategic customers’ active in their relevant market.

Focusing on the User Experience (UX) we help by enhancing the UX of any standard touchscreen with the best optical performances, impressive and stylish cover-lens, the physical UX), and providing software platforms (SW), that allow software developers to create graphically rich UX state-of-the-art apps. Anders engineering services and solutions are tailored, targeted and aimed to enable a better UX to our customers end-users.

1. Platform Development Support

    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Android
    • QNX

    2. Application Development Support

    • Crank Storyboard
    • QT

    3. Application Porting

    4. Bare Metal

    software development service from anders

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