HDMI displays – A matter of speed


Mar 30, 2020

When speed matters, inject some pace into your product development with HDMI displays

At Anders, we are in an industry where we are often asked by our technology partners how they can inject speed into the supply chain. With the increased number of pressures on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), time-to-market, time-in-market, and time-to-yield, are of the upmost importance.

With the competitive landscape increasing, yet the product lifecycle decreasing, ensuring that your product is ‘first’ on the shelf, or the ‘best’ on the shelf is of the upmost importance.

HDMI Displays for rapid prototyping

When our expert engineers are approached with the scenario of customers requiring a quality product with reduced development time, our team will discuss the benefits that can be achieved via our HDMI enabled displays.

What is HDMI?

Do you remember the cable that you use to connect your DVD player with the TV?

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. In a nutshell it is an all-digital audio-video interface which carries signals in uncompressed format.

HDMI Interface

Advantages of HDMI

  • Higher Quality: HDMI enables loss-less transmission and better-quality video at low brightness scenes at higher resolutions.
  • Intelligence: Two-way communications between video sources are enabled by HDMI Interface, which enables automatic configuration (between 480p or 720p, 16:9 or 4:3 for example)
  • Deep Colours: HDMI supports 10-bit, 12-bit and 16-bit (RGB or YCbCr) colour depths
  • No Compression: Since HD signals are not compressed while transmitting, there is no de-gradation in signal quality

Cutting down on Fulfillment Time

But, one of the main advantages, customers of Anders are finding is that HDMI Displays offer the need for rapid prototyping, proof of concept, therefore a quicker solution to take to and test in the market.

Often start-ups require validation of innovation to achieve their next round of funding, or the Research and Development departments of established brands need to test their theories, or innovators are piloting new projects. HDMI displays cut down the time it takes from concept to commerce, one of the main drivers in the electronic industry.

Rapid prototyping is key

So, whatever your scenario might be, whatever type of technology need you have, give consideration to the benefits an HDMI enabled display can bring and contact us to find out if this could be the solution to your needs.

Download our technical article

If you would like more detail on the advantages and disadvantages of using an HDMI enabled display together with embedded board compatability and hardware design, why not download our technical article.

HDMI displays technical article