DRAGONEYE: Save 6 months development time


Jan 25, 2024

Navigating the endless complexities of hardware and software development not only consumes budget but also precious engineering time.

Introducing DragonEYE - your shortcut to sucess in HMI development

DRAGONEYE is our game changing Microcontroller development kit providing a pre-developed Hardware/Software combination that is easy to integrate within your system to enhance the UI/UX of your final application.  It not only allows idea validation with a quick proof of concept, but also allows development of software for a final prototype, saving up to 6 months’ worth of time and financial resource in hardware development and driver integration.

DRAGONEYE is built around the powerful Arm® Cortex®-M4 core from ST Microelectronics, the first to feature the MIPI-DSI interface, enabling rapid development, testing and evaluation of display performance, GUI designs, software control, I/O communication ports, and more. This platform, has pre-developed drivers for an expanding range of circular displays, input encoders and touch sensors which will save significant engineering time and effort in development and debugging. DRAGONEYE not only delivers a rapid proof of concept but accelerates the overall product prototype development.


The ready-to-run Development Kit is initially paired with a 2.1" rotary encoder display, with others to follow soon:

  • High-performance Core: with MIPI/RGB interface
  • Expanded memory options for peace of mind UI/UX development.
  • Extensive host connectivity: to directly drive host co-processor or sensors/actuators.
  • Expansion connectivity: for total standalone applications.
  • High contrast display: 480 x 480 (or 240 x 240) IPS-TFT LCD.
  • User input interaction: Rotary Encoder or Capacitive Touchscreen options
  • Complete GUI rendering: Built-in display driver IC

Design to Delivery

The DRAGONEYE platform is designed with versatility in mind to accelerate your product development cycle. Anders can easily customise DRAGONEYE by re-purposing the industrial grade hardware, the software, or the mechanical features for production reality, and provide a complete sub-assembly for mass production and long-term continuity of supply. 

Whether you need a specific display size or shape for your application or are considering a different STM32-MCU configuration, the Anders engineering team can design a platform to get your concept to production in super-quick time.

Dragoneye circular stm32 microcontroller board

Why we've chosen STM32

We've chosen the impressive STM32 Microcontroller family for its graphics acceleration, memory integration, advanced display interfaces, and intelligent architecture. STM32 MCUs empower you to elevate your applications with a premium user experience while keeping your total cost of ownership in check. When you choose STM32, you're not just acquiring hardware; you're gaining access to a wealth of resources:

  • The largest portfolio of advanced graphics on 32-bit Arm Cortex microcontrollers
  • Complimentary state-of-the-art graphic software and design tools
  • Comprehensive documentation, reference designs, and outstanding support

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