Using either your detailed specification or a “blue sky” idea, we will bring together best in class display technologies to create a solution specifically for you. Colour or monochrome. OLED or LCD Displays. With or without touch screen. Our aim is to deliver a display solution that exceeds your technical requirements within your budget.

A stunning colour LCD Display

Colour OLED & LCD Displays

We can provide high performance industrial colour displays from an extensive range of technologies, available in either standard industry sizes/resolutions or customised to your exact requirement and all with long term availability.

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A stunning Monochrome LCD Display

Monochrome OLED & LCD Displays

Monochrome displays are continually evolving and offer highly reliable, low cost solutions with complete design flexibility, simple integration and long term availability. We offer an extensive portfolio of new and established technologies.

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Maximising touch screen performance

Maximising touch screen performance

Following our blog on getting the most out of your touchscreen performance, in particular IC selection, the interdependencies between different parts of the touch screen and EMI issues, we now turn our attention to the firmware of the control IC: 1. Adjusting the Firmware 2. Fine tuning 3. Seamless user experience   1. Adjusting the FirmwareIn addition to considering the ITO pattern design, the firmware of the selected controller IC can be adjusted to suit various types of coverlens...
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