Challenging times for manufacturers


Sep 07, 2022

We are working to the assumption that companies hold a similar business objective to that of ourselves and our customers, to continue to increase their market share, organically and through new value streams, all whilst maintaining their health and increasing their profit.

Traditionally organisations have pursued these achievements via conventional methods such as product innovation, R&D, M&A, and sales & marketing. In the current environment however, we all need to be cognisant of rising factors such as, differentiation and adding value:

User Experience – we live in a world where the power of promotion is with the end-user and/or the consumer. Reviews on third party websites such as Trust Pilot, Wired, CNet etc. mean that tech companies are more exposed to the positives and negatives. This is why we continuously collaborate with our OEM partners to design an imaginative, innovative, intelligent, and intuitive end user experience.

the power of reviews

Data Protection – we live in a connected world. The Internet of Things (IoT) means that we are storing and sharing our sensitive data online, whether that be professional or personal. Smart Tech in the home and in our workplace relies on IoT to drive our decision making through data. This data needs to be secure and safe which is why we work to ensure security provisions and measures are designed within our embedded systems.

data protection for embedded devices

Energy Conservation – just tune into any news channel across the globe and you will hear about the current energy and climate change crisis. However, in parallel our need to be constantly connected is also paramount. This is why our engineers are working with our OEM partners to understand their product power needs and how we can design with power consumption, energy preservation, and efficiency.

Energy conservation for greener display systems

Supply Chain Continuity – One of the rising trends that we’ve witnessed in a pre- and post-covid world is the need to ensure that our OEM partners supply chain is robust and reliable. The recent component shortage crisis has red flagged this part of the production lifecycle process and given it a top priority status. We have long-term partners which benefit us by providing us with long-range forecasts enabling us to secure customer component parts as per their production forecast. 

managing the supply chain

Light at the end of the tunnel

And it’s working to these ways that we feel that we will exit and recover from these testing times.

The term ‘relationship’ is an overused one, but it exactly what you need to mutually succeed. Our customers form strong commercially viable relationships with us that are equally beneficial. We refer to this as the meeting of two minds to:

  • Communicate and share our clear company goals
  • Get to know each other well, not to simply demonstrate customer care, but to deliver delight

Anders really take time to know their customers

As we sit across the entire tech and innovation industry, we understand the macro and micro influencers. We share our insights that can impact product designs to drive efficiencies and our customers can achieve economies of scale which benefits their competitive positioning.

Our partners benefit from our experience and expertise, gained through our 70-years of business in the tech industry. Most comment on how valuable this has been and something that not many can boast about. The reality is that there aren’t many markets that we are not present within, not many challenges that we’ve not seen and delivered a solution for, and especially where compliance, certification, or certain quality standards need to be adhered to, our engineering expertise remains to this day unmatched.

If you want to see how we can help you bnriong your concepts to reality, please contact us.