1952-2022: Anders is 70 Years Young!


Jul 20, 2022

Just as we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking our Queen’s 70 years on the throne, we’d like to also honour our 70th year milestone.

Anders team celebrating their 70th birthday!

In the 1950s, the technology landscape was emerging with the instant camera being demonstrated and the commercial microwave being produced. Life may have been simpler in these days, but the intention of innovation through the ages has always been that advancements mean convenience, and in today’s world, the purpose of progress is to simplify everything, whilst ensuring decisions are made strategically by being data driven. Take that instant camera and now look at your mobile phone. Technology has converged. In the power of your palm is not only the ability to get snappy happy, but to utilise maps, banking, social media, etc. How much does that simplify your life?

And this is true whether you’re in a B2C or B2B environment. In fact, modern life often intertwines both. Look around yourself right now. Whilst we may work from home, digital technology enables us to have a face-to-face meeting with people all over the world, removing the barrier of time and distance. Our mobile devices allow us to do business, manage money, check medical health, and order our groceries via intelligent apps Our homes have smart meters to track energy usage and change habits, even our coffee machines have smart functions to remember our favourite drink.

As we look at Anders and our own transformation though time, from display delivery, a component part of our customers complete build, to being a strategic end-to-end product realisation partner, we celebrate our 70 year success.

Why come to Anders?

Our customers tell us that they continue to partner with Anders due to the power of our network. Our operational and supply chain teams don’t look for transactional customers, they look to build networks. These networks benefit our customers; from design, to development, to manufacturing and beyond. Keeping your supply chain simple, reducing your touch points, and therefore risk, we can be with our customers through their entire journey from point A to point Z through generations of products, building long-term relationships, that have stood the test of time. 70 years to be exact.

The need for data

It's not good enough to just build it and they will buy. The pendulum has swung. The power now sits with the person. The individual who can join many others to vote on the success of your creation. Before you buy or book something you look for a review. Your experience, whether good or bad can now be shared and reshared, put into content, or taken out of context. Mention in your home that you’d like a new alarm system, and adverts pop up on social media for solution providers. 

The need for data

Five minutes of research enables you to buy the one that has the highest score on Trust Pilot. That’s the new power of marketing.

Data, data, data. Let’s put ourselves into the shoes of that alarm provider. Once upon a time they’d have been quite simply that: an alarm provider. Now however, they benefit from a touch panel display that is designed to be placed within any environment, any temperature, any lighting condition, vandal proof, solar panel connection (conserving energy is a differentiator.) It needs to be aesthetically pleasing to fit many situations and be discreet.

But this electronics product company isn’t simply a buy our product, transactional company. Aside from core competence of designing and building alarm systems, they have the ability to gather data that not only helps them to continuously improve their alarm system from one generation to another as they can monitor end-user performance, but they can also, via their embedded display system understand their end-user’s behaviour in a greater way.

The need for data

Is there a geographical hotspot for alarms? Is there a rise in commercial or domestic use? Is there a size of business variation? Is there a type of business difference? Linking to their insurance provider even expands this reach of data or how behaviour is researched and influenced.

The same approach can be used across almost any industry from smart utility metering where data collected can help us reduce utility bills and improve services, to healthcare which can provide personalised drug treatment and improve drug delivery to patients of the future.

Gathering data is intelligence to drive strategic decision making, and that’s the gold dust.

So, life may have seemed simpler in the 50’s however, today, our connection to intelligence, for insight will help us to shape tomorrow’s world.

This is why at Anders, and through our partnership ecosystem, we can offer our customers a vertically integrated and seamless journey from design concept to successful product launch and beyond. But it’s the role we play throughout the entire product life cycle that adds true value and differentiates Anders. We have re-imagined the product conceptualisation to realisation experience to provide one that is both additive and addictive for our customers. One that not only enhances their business, portfolio, and strategic decision making via the learnings their technology is capable of, but they will also understand their own operations more effectively (usage, downtime, demographics etc), all of which are essential for the health and wellbeing of their organisation.

The result is a more sustainable company, with less waste at a time that we are all more climate and cost conscious.