Improving display viewing angles: Is IPS the only way?

Control Panel Displays at a wide angleOne of the questions that crosses our tech desk at least weekly, is how do you improve the viewing angle of a display?

Many think that IPS is the only option but that isn’t necessarily the case. IPS is a great technology, but comes at a price and can’t be retrofitted to an existing display design.

However, there is a technology that can be retro-fitted that offers a considerable improvement and this is o-film. Lower cost than IPS, adding a polarising o-film allows light to be redirected and diffused over a wider area to improve viewing angles. Typically you’ll gain an additional 10 degrees of viewability in any direction, with only a slight loss of sharpness of the image.

In what other way can I improve the readability of the display?
Optically bonding the cover glass to the front of the display doesn’t strictly speaking increase the viewing angle but it does improve appearance and readability in general. It eliminates the internal reflection between the glass layers in the display by eliminating internal reflection between the layers. This increases display contrast so that it can be read more easily even in bright conditions. Even when switched off, an optically bonded display will appear black rather than a murky grey.

7.0inch PCAP TFT Display with Moth Eye FilmAnother alternative is to add a ‘moth-eye’ film to the front of the display to reduce internal reflections between the display and PCAP touchscreen, giving much better readability especially in outdoor applications where sunlight and other factors contribute to creating a difficult environment.

The film gives an improved visual appearance when in use and ensures that the display is almost black when off.

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We encourage our customers to talk to us at the beginning of the design process to ensure they consider viewing angle, who is using the equipment and what will be their seating/standing position when interacting with the display, thus enabling us to help them design the best possible solution.

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