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Apr 15, 2019

Did you know that we have a Logistics Hub of Excellence in the Netherlands? No? Well, we do, so let us tell you why…

Maintaining a physical location in the Netherlands has several advantages, which is why we recently took the decision to set up a new Logistics facility in this area– exciting!

The Netherlands has one of the world’s most efficient logistics networks in the world, featuring two major cargo ports, Rotterdam and Schiphol. Our logistics hub is located in Amsterdam, just 2km from Schipol airport with easy access to road networks throughout Europe, ultimately shortening the time from production in Asia to customer premises. With all of these positives, and as Anders is growing, the time is right to increase our supply capability roadmap and our geographical footprint.


What services do Anders offer in the Netherlands?

By adding the Netherlands location to our capability’s portfolio, we have increased flexibility and responsiveness to our customers, whilst simplifying their supply chain by removing any potential barriers. By being located in Hong Kong, Oxford, UK and Amsterdam, NL, global customers can select their preferred method of distribution based on their key criteria. Feedback from customers has been incredibly positive with shipment times across Europe being reduced and, in an industry, where speed-to-market and time-in-profit matters, this is a major benefit.

Our European customers benefit from:

  • An end-to-end stock management system
  • A fully automated online system for traceability
  • Access to logistics hubs all over the world
  • A seamless global service

Five reasons why we’ve created a European hub:

  1. For Brexit and beyond
    Regardless of the political outcome, people will still need displays and embedded systems. The Netherlands offers incredibly agile logistics, a big advantage that enables Anders to adapt quickly to the push-pull of geo-politics.
  2. Connecting our global supply chain
    Through its integrated worldwide logistics network, the Netherlands offers supply chain simplicity.
  3. Unsurpassed Facilities - Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and Rotterdam Port
    The area offers the services of leading providers in the area of logistics and link with an extensive network of roads, railways and air travel.
  4. Creative and wide-ranging application of IT
    Our Netherlands hub has an IT system to provide optimised solutions for the supply chain in industries where time is critical.
  5. Sustainability is key
    The Netherlands is also pioneering developments with respect to silent logistics and environmentally sustainable operations, helping to conserve resources and keep our planet ‘green.’
5 reasons why Anders have a logistics hub in The Netherlands.

We’re excited about our new facilities and the opportunities that they will bring, and we are looking forward to continuing exemplary customer relations with added-value.

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