What's new for coverlens design

Most LCDs need a coverlens, providing a wealth of opportunities to enhance the style and performance of your product.

You can choose the dimensions to match the display exactly or, by over-sizing, achieve more creative effects.

Other choices include polycarbonate or toughened or chemically strengthened glass at a thickness of up to 10mm, with or without touch.

Any shape is possible using curves, cut-outs and printing

Surface treatments such as spot facing or touch-bumps now introduce new ways to style and functionalise your user interface, giving a 3D tactile feel to your display.

The latest coverglass choices include mirrored glass for a really impressive look and shaped glass edges for a stylish finish.

If you want to learn more about how you can really make your product stand out from the crowd with a cleverly designed coverlens, speak with our engineers or download our whitepaper.

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