1.82" Monochrome OLED Display


8080 / 6800

This OLED display module with grayscale 256 x 32 dot matrix features high brightness, self-emission, high contrast ratio, slim/thin outline, wide viewing angle, wide temperature range, and low power consumption. Its rectangular outline makes it suitable for small handheld electronic devices for Industrial, Medical and automotive applications.

  • Screen Size: 1.82"
  • Resolution: 256 x 32
  • Brightness: 100cd/m2
  • Touch Options: CTP, RTP, None
  • Display Colour: White
  • Module Dimensions: 52.0 x 34.7 x 1.81mm
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 85°C
  • 1.82" Monochrome OLED Display
  • 1.82" Monochrome OLED Display

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Part Number OLM00410PMV
Screen Size 1.82"
Resolution 256 x 32
Touch Type None (Optional CTP or RTP)
OP Temperature -40° to 85°C
Brightness 100
Dimensions52.0 x 11.5 x 1.81
InterfaceParallel 8080/6800 / SPI
Module Construction COG
ConnectorFPC Stiffener

* Optional feature available on this product

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