Celebrating 34 Years of Innovation: My Journey with Anders


May 08, 2024

This year, I am celebrating not just another year, but an incredible 34 years with Anders, a journey filled with innovation, global challenges, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in our field.

I started my journey in the UK, but relocated to Italy, marking a significant turning point in both my personal and professional life. Long before the advent of instant messaging and social media, I met my future wife through letters. We were penfriends for 15 years, and this bond ultimately inspired my move to Italy, where we married.

I was lucky enough to continue my career with Anders while immersing myself in an enriching cross-cultural experience. This international exposure has been crucial in understanding and integrating cultural nuances into our way of working, our collaborative designs and enabling us to effectively meet the complex and varied needs of our global customers.

With over a decade of experience as an ICT entrepreneur, he brings extensive expertise in agile project management, software development, embedded and display technology, leveraging these skills to get to the heart of what the customer needs to realise their product vision.

Navigating Through Challenges

The journey through these 34 years has not been without challenges. From the rapid evolution of technology, economic shifts, and the global pandemic, I’ve tackled each challenge with resilience and a spirit of innovative problem-solving.

Forging Partnerships, Driving Innovation

My approach to technology has always been deeply collaborative. I've thrived on forging strong partnership with engineers to transform their innovative concepts into reality, delivering tailored solutions that push the boundaries.

The Road Ahead

I am truly grateful to my colleagues, customers, and manufacturing partners who have joined this adventure with me and been instrumental in each project's success.

Let’s Continue this Journey Together

To everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey, your support, collaboration, and inspiration have been pivotal.

Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and continue to innovate for a brighter, more efficient future.