Putting your product design to the test


Nov 27, 2018

Optimising performance through precision

When customers bring Anders in at the design stage, we partner up to produce the ‘design for concept’ roadmap.

In our experience, we have found that this helps our customers, and us, to define a path to successful manufacturing realisation. By leveraging off our 30 years+ of engineering and integrated manufacturing experience, we have helped hundreds of customers to innovate and design their products to ensure they are fit for performance.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Designing and developing the right product and manufacturing strategy
  • Reducing their go-to-market risk
  • Accelerating their market entry by streamlining the manufacturing process to their actual product

Through our state of the art design and development engineering centre in London, UK, we strive to take the complex out of the complete supply chain, for all of our customers. The result is that they enjoy a successful and simplified manufacturing experience, as well as achieving an inside view into how to improve the entire production lifecycle journey for their next generation of embedded and LCD technology.

With embedded experience in high-reliability markets such as medical, as well as industrial and consumer, we assist in:

The pace of the world has increased. Customer requirements have amplified, especially in the world of touchscreen technology. Our customer's success leads to our success, and as a result, we appreciate the need to target slightly beyond what they require today, to prepare for tomorrow. Sometimes that cannot be expressed, which is why we need to get into the minds and hearts of our customers to articulate their needs for them in the concept that we produce. As our customers' customer, the end user is very often emotionally connected to the technology they touch. We need to ensure that ‘generation touch’has a unique user experience. Even though this is the end goal, the need to visualise starts from our first engagement. We enable our customers to design and develop a brand differentiation to optimise their products’ function, value, and appearance.

So, next time you think of Anders, think of us as an extension of your design teams. We believe we’re very different from other companies who may guide their customers to a product from their stock or standard portfolio, which may not fully satisfy their requirements. Instead, we enable you to develop the right embedded display solution for your project.

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