Message of Condolence for Paul Mullen


Sep 16, 2020

Following the very sudden and tragic death of our General Manager Paul Mullen, we would like to share just some of the huge amount of messages of condolence we have received.

"Paul was not only an inspiration leader with great vision but he was also an exceptionally good person who was deeply admired and liked by everyone who knew him, whether colleague, customer or supplier. We are so grateful for all that Paul achieved at Anders and for his positive values, his respect and appreciation of everyone's contributions and the genuinely caring ethos in the company that he engendered. We hope that this will be a permanent legacy to his memory."

Nicolas, Philip and Julian Anders - Board

"I have been lucky enough to work with Paul throughout his time here – very closely for the past five years since he became the General Manager and I was his Finance Director. It has been a pleasure – although I do have to admit hard work on occasions! Having a boss who you respect and trust, who is understanding, supportive and considerate and who actually thinks about his people is a rare commodity."

Paul Kidner - Finance Director, Anders

"We have simply no words to say and all of us are pretty shocking by what happened. Paul was a real gentlemen, clever leader and we always enjoyed time spending with him. He was much more for sure, just speechless at this time to say more."

Sebastien Caballoue, Overseas Sales Director, Techshine

"We are sad and shocked with news about this tragic accident. I had a honor to meet Paul and spent hours in discussions with him when he visited Compulab. I always knew Paul as very pleasant and positive person. His death is immense loss for everyone who knew him, and of course to his family at first and foremost."

Gideon Yampolsky, CEO, CompuLab

"His firm elegance and politeness was always appreciated. He was one of the best person I met in my career. My condolences for your great loss”

Giuseppe Michetti, ABB Italy

We are all deeply saddened by this tragic loss, that you have encountered. We met him and appreciated his professional competence and his personality.

Monica Tolu, CAME S.p.A

"It was a great pleasure to work with and to learn from Paul. His energy will be missed, but we will continue to follow his leadership as his legacy."

Gayle Patterson - Buzzword Tech