LCD supply and Covid-19: what to expect next


Mar 22, 2021

Back in October we reported how COVID-19 was looking likely to have a devastating impact on the LCD supply chain due to a surge in demand for laptops for remote working and home studies, with LCD panel makers ramping up their production output to meet this surge in demand and the potential knock on effect to industrial display availability. We encouraged our customers to place their orders early to avoid production stop.

The situation now

6 months on and demand still vastly outweighs supply on a number of key components leading to steep price rises. Up until now we have been able to work with our manufacturing partners to minimise these rises and delay of supply, unfortunately because of the severity of the situation, we are no longer able to sustain this, and our factories have no choice but to accept the increased price and leadtimes of these vital components to fulfil orders.

This will inevitably have a knock on effect of price increases to our customers in order to supply their finished display modules. We are working with our manufacturing partners and customers on a case by case basis to ensure price increase and delay in supply is kept to an absolute minimum.

Unfortunately the situation doesn’t look likely to stabilise until mid-2022 and we thank our customers and manufacturing partners for their support in these unprecedented times.

Get it touch with us if you need any assistance.
LCD shortage due to COVID-19 demand on tablets and laptops