Henk Takes Customer Development to New Heights


Mar 22, 2024

In the fast-moving world of customer development, Henk Snijders stands out for his innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and genuine connections.

Born in the Bahamas, now a Netherlands-based lover of hiking, Henk brings not only expertise in the European markets but a wealth of global experience.

Bahamian Roots

Henk's story begins in the Bahamas, where his travels across continents gave him a deep understanding of different markets and cultures. Living in Australia and now settling in the Netherlands with his Indonesian wife, Henk’s varied background offers a unique perspective to Anders, and one which helps him excel as our top strategist for customer development in Europe.

Building bonds based on trust

The key to prioritising our customer development is actively listening to our customers. Which is why Henk takes every opportunity to meet with customers face to face, making it his mission to learn what they are looking for – building strong bonds based on trust.

Picture of Henk on a hike in the snow

With over a decade of experience as an ICT entrepreneur, he brings extensive expertise in agile project management, software development, embedded and display technology, leveraging these skills to get to the heart of what the customer needs to realise their product vision.

No mountain too high!

Henk’s love for exploring – from the thrill of mountain climbing to tackling some of the toughest hikes across Scandanavia – mirrors his professional journey of conquering challenges. Keeping up with industry changes is a huge factor in our success. Henk’s passion for keeping up with new technology ensures he can support clients to stay competitive and succeed in the rapidly changing landscape.

Connect with Henk

Connect with Henk to embrace innovation, forge meaningful connection, and redefine the future of design possibilities. Lets elevate your business to new heights of success together.

Picture of Henk in an ice cave