Bespoke Hardware Design

Every motherboard design is unique. Application specifications, features sets and product size are all determining factors. Let our hardware engineers help you with your motherboard customisation.

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Ensuring the brains of your system are right!

It is inevitable that every motherboard design is different, depending on the application specifications and product size. Most of our customers have already chosen their CPU, but we can help configure it to exactly match your requirements.

The motherboard is probably the most critical element of any system and it is the brain of the entire module driving all the I/O peripherals as well as the display and touchscreen. Configuring the CPU to your exact system requirements will save you cost in the long run by eliminating unwanted features.

You've chosen your hardware - what next?

Whether you decide to use an ARM or X86 CPU, you may already have chosen your Core Module but the standard Single Board Computers available are quite often unsuitable for your application. They could be the wrong size or shape for your enclosure or there may be additional I/O peripherals needed or excess ones that can be taken away. In addition memory might not be optimal.

We can help develop a custom motherboard for your application. 

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Custom I/O Functionality

Working with you to fully understand your application, we will produce a detailed schematic drawing with the onboard peripherals adapted to optimise the overall design including:

  • Wired ports, ie Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI, PCIe
  • Wireless ports, ie WiFi, Bluetooth
  • RS232, full duplex RS485, SPIO etc
  • Additional application specific sensors or actuators can be integrated on the main board to simplify design and interconnection

Bespoke PCB Layout

An off the shelf solution may not fit the space available. 

We can design the PCB shape and size to perfectly match the mechanical requirements of any system, taking into account:

  • connector placement
  • component placement 
  • final enclosure and assembly.


Evaluate your requirements on a starter kit

A good starting point to understand, evaluate and therefore optimise the board for your application is our Embedded Displays Kit. The ready to run embedded display platforms are integrated with:

  • Processor and display
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Pre-integrated Linux or Windows operating system
  • All drivers and cables

These solutions are highly customisable from the embedded motherboards and software to the display and touch interface and save you valuable development time and cost.

Evaluation Kits

Software Support

We have a team of software engineers who are on hand to give advice and assistance for Linux or Windows based Operating systems, plus other RTOS solutions including:

  • display initialisation
  • porting (touch) drivers
  • enabling hardware control
  • Qt, Crank Storyboard and native & hybrid support
  • migrating legacy systems
Software Services

Board Support Package

The CPU on the motherboard may come with a range of operating systems (Android, Linux, WinCE). 

Our engineering team will adapt the BSP to match your final hardware, including:

  • driver integration 
  • driver adaption

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