Enhancement LCD films and filters

Get the best optical performances from your display through films and filters. Benefits includes enhanced viewing and readability as well as improved protection for your display design.

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Why use films and filters

A wide range of films and filters can be added to your display design to improve its performance and can:

  • protect your display against viruses such as Coronavirus
  • improve display readability and viewing angles
  • increase resistance to wear and tear
  • increase security over sensitive data

Protect your display against viruses including Human Coronavirus

Kastus®’ Antimicrobial & Antiviral glass touchscreen technology

We have partnered with Kastus® to offer our customers access to touchscreen surface protection providing the only patented "always on" Antibacterial and Antiviral technology in the world tested against Human Coronavirus.

  • Effectiveness - Protects against up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria such as SA, E. coli and C. diff.
  • Longevity - it lasts for the lifetime of your product
  • Reliability - Tempered Glass with 9H hardness rating
  • Clarity - With <1% haze, it ensure a crystal clear design
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Enhancing viewing and readability

Anti-Reflective AR Film example

Anti-Reflective (AR) Film:

A film that can be applied to either the top of bottom of the coverglass to reduce the amount of light reflection created by bright conditions, particularly outdoor applications. Multiple layers of AR film can be applied to reduce the reflection further.

Example Anti-Glare Film

Anti-Glare (AG) Film:

An alternative, cost effective treatment applied to the coverglass to reduce glare caused by bright ambient lighting, such as overhead lights in a building.

Example of o-Film on car speed dashboard.


Polarising optical-film redirects light and improves viewing angles. Applying o-film typically gives you an additional 10 degrees of viewability in any direction, at the price of a slight loss of sharpness in the image.

Protecting your display design

Medical anti-bacterial film on a display.

Antimicrobial Coating

A liquid glass coating powered by the process of photocatalysis which when activated by natural light produces a continuous cloud of reactive oxygen species that kills 99% of bacteria, reducing the risk of the spread of infection. Find out more.

A thumbprint as it touches a screen.

Anti-Fingerprint (AF) Film

A surface coating with excellent oil and water resistant properties, commonly applied in conjunction with a touchscreen to reduce finger print marks left from display operation. This is recommended for display products designed to be used in factories or food industries.

oDLC display coating process.


Optical Diamond Like Coating provides superior scratch resistance while maintaining outstanding optical clarity, offering benefits such as high hardness, resistance to wear, chemical inertness and optical transparency. It is compatible with touch overlays. Find out more.

Privacy filter on an ATM display.

Privacy Filter

Privacy filters enables only the user directly in front the screen to see what is displayed, while people on either side only see a darkened screen. It's ideal for those applications where security and privacy of personal information is important such as ATM and kiosks.

UV display on a motorboat.

Ultra Violet (UV) filter

Ultraviolet Protection Film reduces the damage caused by Ultra Violet Radiation - such as display discolouring and shift in colours - improving their durability. It's recommended for displays used in outdoor environments under direct sunlight or in close proximity to fluorescent lights.

IR protection filter being used on a handheld device

Infrared (IR) protection filter

A filter that protects the display from Infrared Radiation and prevents excessive heat build-up and consequences, such as display damage or failure. Outdoor systems and instrumentation are applications that can benefit most from IR filters.

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