Let us help with your software development

Here at andersDX, we not only help our customers with the display and embedded hardware design, but we can also play a strong supporting role with the associated software development. Whether it’s Linux or Windows, our engineers are on hand to give you advice and assistance with display initialisation, porting (touch) drivers, enabling hardware control and more.

Linux or Windows

Most of our custom projects work on either Linux or Windows.  Linux can be visualised as two layers; the bottom layer is the kernel and the top layer is the user space. The kernel is responsible for all the back-end processing, resource management, driver initialisation, hardware interfacing etc. Meanwhile, the user space as the name implies, houses all the applications.

Our experienced engineers work primarily on optimising the kernel and can help with the integration of the LCD and CTP, setting the resolution and timings, porting and (touch) drivers, enabling communication buses (RS232, RS485, SPI, CAN, I2C) and interfacing sensors and GPIOs.

With regards to Windows 10/IOT, we can help you with your configuration including configuring settings, security enhancements and power optimisation.  We can also help with loading and integrating drivers/firmware such as touchscreen, sensors and other board peripherals.

Ultimately our job is to provide a platform that enables our customers to easily port their application and interface with the hardware (without any issues).  Although we don't directly write any part of your application, we still understand how you intend to interface with the hardware.


Qt Library Support

In parallel, we also provide support on Qt; this is an application framework that creates a viewing window on any device.

Using Qt provides benefits such as easier and quicker development time to market and it eliminates the need for bulky desktops that are considered excessive and slow; Qt can load the application immediately, a benefit for an embedded system that will generally have lower horsepower compared to a desktop.

Whatever your project, we advise you to talk to our design engineers from the start and they will help not only with selection and design of the best hardware but also advise you on your software development.  Our team are always looking at emerging technologies that can pass on benefits to our customers.

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