How to optimise your backlight design

The application requirements for your display will determine the brightness of the backlight. Is the display being used in high ambient lighting, or outdoor environments for example? Anders can help enhance the brightness of your display in several ways:

  • Additional LEDs
  • Double Brightness Enhancement Film (DBEF)
  • High bright LED chips
  • High powered LEDs

Other considerations for improved performance:

  • Automotive grade and long-life LEDs
  • RGB Colour LEDs for Monochrome LCDs
  • Heatsinks for thermal management and prolonged life
  • Built in LED driver circuits
  • PWM dimming functionality/brightness control

Backlight FAQs

What is an LED Array?

LED chips are soldered directly to a PCB board and then epoxy encapsulated. The chip form LEDs shine directly toward the LCD display and through a diffuser on the front surface of the backlight to evenly distribute direct light.

LED arrays are often used on the smaller low-information content displays, such as character displays and simple monochrome icon-based TN display types. They’re typically used in the yellow-green color range because this provides the maximum light output at the lowest cost.

  • Low cost and highly uniform
  • Rather limited in their spectrum due to the LED chip costs and the additional thickness required to house the light array.

What are Edge Lit LEDs?

In contrast to LED arrays, the edge lit LEDs are formed around the rim of the screen, using a special diffusion panel to spread the light evenly behind the screen. This accomplishes a uniform backlight system where the entire surface is the same luminance independent of the actual distance from the LED light source.

  • Much thinner design and fewer LEDs
  • Require less power therefore reducing costs.

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