Hardware Design Services

It is inevitable that every motherboard design is different, depending on the application specifications and product size. We help you choose the right CPU and configure it to exactly match your requirements.

Choosing the right CPU

We will guide you through a choice of ARM or X86 CPUs from various manufacturers including NXP and Intel based on factors such as:

  • Performance requirements (CPU speed and number of cores)
  • Graphical performance
  • Specific I/O driver capabilities
  • Dedicated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) etc

Read more about choosing embedded components.

Custom Memory Configuration

The amount of memory needed of course depends on the final application, but a good starting point to understand and therefore optimise the memory requirements is to evaluate your application on our starter kits

Customisation of storage type and size will vary according to the data storage requirements and OS selection. Take a look at the Core Modules we offer for more information or contact us using the form below to discuss your requirement further.

Custom I/O Functionality

Working with you to fully understand your application, we will produce a detailed schematic drawing with the onboard peripherals adapted to optimise the overall design including:

  • Wired ports, ie Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI, PCIe
  • Wireless ports, ie WiFi, Bluetooth
  • RS232, full duplex RS485, SPIO etc
  • Additional application specific sensors or actuators can be integrated on the main board to simplify design and interconnection

Software Support

We have a team of software engineers who are on hand to give advice and assistance for Linux or Windows based Operating systems. They can can help with display initialisation, porting (touch) drivers, enabling hardware control and more. In parallel, we also provide support on Qt; this is an application framework that creates a viewing window on any device. See our range of sofware services.

Board Support Package

The CPU on the motherboard may come with a range of operating systems (Andoid, Linux, WinCE). Our engineering team will adapt the BSP to match your final hardware, including driver integration and adaption.

PCB Layout

We can design the PCB shape and size to perfectly match the mechanical requirements of any system, taking into account connector and component placement and final enclsoure and assembly.

motherboard customisation from Anders Electronics

Benefits of using a tailored motherboard

The motherboard is probably the most critical element of any system and it is the brain of the entire module driving all the I/O peripherals as well as the display and touchscreen. Selecting the right CPU configured to your exact system requirements will save you cost in the long run by eliminating unwanted features.

Discuss your product requirements:

We aim to offer reliable and long-term solutions to our B2B customers. If you are a business and would like to discuss your display and/or embedded system requirements please contact us below

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