Customer Delight - the embedded part of our customer journey


Jan 22, 2019

In today’s fast-paced, transactional world, the best manufacturers have taken ownership of the service relationship and have transformed their capabilities to power an intelligent service experience for all customers. We can save our customers time, money, and hassle, and personalise the service experience by understanding, on a granular level, how our customers use our embedded displays and LCD technology.

The ‘service experience’ has become transparent, allowing customers to make an informed decision about who to partner with. After most transactions, we are asked to rank, assess, or comment on the service received. As a result, end-users are more vocal about the ‘service experience’ received and have become brand influencers within the supply chain of everything. The power has shifted, which has increased the need to delight customers at every stage of the production lifecycle.

What is customer delight?

Definition by The Chartered Institute of Marketing: Customer delight happens when you surprise a customer by exceeding expectations. When expectations are met, you have customer satisfaction. When expectations are exceeded, you achieve customer delight.

How does Anders guarantee customer delight?

Anders is a Product Fulfilment Company (PFC). A Product Fulfilment Company (PFC) is a company that can take an idea or concept and fulfil its potential worldwide in any and every possible market, ensuring that it is properly engineered, designed, developed, protected, approved, certified and delivered.

One of the elements that provide a PFC with a true competitive advantage is ‘satisfaction’, to be able to fulfil our customers wishes to the point of delight. Trust built on real-time information, visibility, risk reduction, disciplined execution, and speed.

At Anders, satisfaction is built-in.

And don’t just take our word for it, learn for the inside view from our strategic customers.

*** Please not that due to data protection and customer confidentiality, we cannot disclose the identity of our customers. Maintaining the trust of our customers, always, is one of our strategic imperatives, which is why we continuously comply with the requested made at the NDA stage of our relationships.

Design Optimisation

  • We reduced our overall plastic component costs
  • We eliminated components that would become obsolete within less than 3 years
  • We improved the design to ease the manufacturing process

A design and development customer – industrial industry

Design concept from idea to reality

Co-Innovation to Reduce Risk

  • Problems were anticipated and identified before they happened with solutions presented
  • Upgraded product finish a year earlier than planned
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Design for a cost-effective brand solution

A design and development customer – consumer industry

Taking Advantage of Engineering Expertise

  • Pre-manufacturing engineering services – ensured quality product launches
  • Design, development and manufacturing consolidation – simplified supply chain
  • Optical, firmware, hardware, software, mechanical, prototyping, test development – all under one roof
  • Manufacturing partner selection –
  • the process made easy

A design and development customer – IoT industry

Engineering expertise at Anders

Creating cost competitiveness!

  • We reduced production costs dramatically
  • We worked with certified manufacturing partners
  • We were able to reduce our overall unit price to increase demand

A design and development customer – medical industry

What we have learned at Anders is that our customers feel completely fulfilled. If you feel fulfilled, you feel satisfied, and this is after all what we are all striving for?
This is why we always design with our customer in mind!

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