Instant prototyping with new Display Design Kits

starterkit-N2930-bay-trail-picoDo you want to create an instant prototype of your User Interface running on the display and processor of your choice? 


Whilst you can quite easily simulate the performance of a processor, the same isn’t true of a user interface.


The only way to see what it looks and feels like is to build it – and that can be quite time-consuming. The most challenging task, usually, is getting the processor to play nice with the display. Getting the right drivers loaded, the right interface cables in place and the whole thing to work together smoothly normally takes a couple of weeks. Having completed this process, if you want to try the UI with a larger or smaller screen then you’re faced with starting over.

There is, fortunately, an easy option. Anders new Display Design Kits allow you to get proof of concept prototypes up and running very quickly. The display, the processor and the operating system are working together out of the box with optimised QT GUI images. All you need to do is load the application software and tune it.

display kitHaving got your application running on the Designer Kit, you can customise it to create your final project, or in some cases simply add an enclosure to complete the design. The hardware is highly flexible, and can be tailored to suit an individual application in terms of operating system, display size, cabling, screen glass, backlighting, processor speed and interfaces. It can essentially be dropped into a product with negligible integration effort.

Each Designer Kit is an all-in-one embedded solution featuring ARM or x86 processors that are pre-integrated with high performance Projected Capacitive Touchscreens in a range of popular sizes. They are supplied as off the shelf, ready to use platforms, including a display and touch screen assembly, pre-integrated with multi-functional embedded hardware and a graphic software environment.

The first Anders designer kits to be released are the Starterkit-iMX6, based on the Freescale i.MX6 quad core Cortex-A9 CPU module, the Starterkit-N2930 Baytrail based on the Intel Bay Trail 64-bit Quad Core N2930 CPU, and Starterkit-T335, based on the Texas Instruments T335 single-core Cortex-A8 module. Each processor is offered with a range of multi-touch display sizes, and pre-installed Windows or Linux.

Contact our team of experts to get started on your next project with our new Display Designer Kits!

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