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2.13" Black/White ePaper Display

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2.13" Black/White ePaper Display


ePaper display with wide viewing angles that can hold an image on the display with ZERO power.

  • 2.13" black and white display
  • 122×250 pixel resolution
  • SPI Interface
  • High contrast pure reflective mode​

Suitable for Electronic Shelf Label Systems, product tags, portable medical devices and industrial instrumentation.

  • 2.13" Black/White ePaper Display
  • 2.13" Black/White ePaper Display
Part Number11513
Display modeEPD
Screen Size 2.13"
Resolution 122 x 250
Grey Level2
Contrast Ratio (minimum)8:1
OP Temperature 0° to 50°C
Dimensions29.2 × 59.2 × 1.0 mm
Lifetime1,000,000 times or 5 years

* Optional feature available on this product

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