Letterbox Displays Designed For You

What are Letterbox Displays?

Our letterbox shaped displays allow information to be presented clearly on a dashboard, instrument panel or other user interface where a traditional TFT simply won’t fit.

Customers who want to transform their system from a monochrome to a colour display, for example, in rack mounted equipment where there are height restrictions, often feel the cost of a custom display is prohibitive unless volumes are exceptional.

Our semi-custom service provides a very economical way forward and allow our customers to have the display they want in their existing enclosure, thereby saving valuable re-design cost and resources.


Custom Services


We can cut down TFT display sizes from 2.0" to 10.1" TFT to a specified height, and add touch control, FPCs and a backlight to their specification. All this at much lower NRE than a full custom TFT display of a bespoke size. As with all our displays, we can customise to suit your specific application. Take a look at the services we offer here.

The entire process, including resizing and the addition of a backlight and touch interface, are carried out at a single ISO9001 accredited site with appropriate clean room facilities.

Examples of display sizes achievable
Original Size TFTTFT size after cuttingActive Area after cutting
2.0" (176 x 220)176 x (your choice)31.68mm x (your choice)
2.8" (240 x 320)240 x (your choice)43.2mm x (your choice)
3.5" (320 x 240)320 x (your choice)70.08mm x (your choice)
4.3" (480 x 272)480 x (your choice)95.04mm x (your choice)
5.0" (800 x 480)800 x (320 or above)108.6mm x (43.33 or above)
7.0" (400 x 480800 x (320 or above)154.08mm x (57.28 or above)
10.1" (1024 x 600)1024 x (400 or above)22.72mm x (83.52 or above


In addition, we offer a range of off the shelf letterbox displays including the recently launched high performance 16:6 aspect ratio 12.3” letterbox IPS TFT Display allowing designers to provide a high contrast image that can be easily viewed over a wide angle even in bright sunlight.

In addition we have an 11" module with high brightness display.

As most applications require specific drop in replacements, we recommend contacting us with your exact requirements below so we can find a solution that fits perfectly.

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