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At Anders we see ourselves as an extension of your design teams. Instead of guiding you to a standard product that may not fully satisfy your requirements we enable you to develop the right solution for your project.

The best, most efficient way is to get us involved from the start of any design process. It can save a lot of time, money and headaches further down the line. Our project teams work with your design teams to create the best possible solution, truly fit for purpose.

Many projects inevitably start with a customer looking for a particular display and/or embedded board and speaking with one or more companies. Our aim is to simplify that process by offering a design-led approach to deliver a complete solution that exceeds your original expectation.

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Embedded display project

Creating Solutions Truly Fit for Purpose

At Anders, we go back to basics and learn exactly what the application is to create the best possible solution. The most efficient way is to get us involved from the start of any design process. It can save a lot of time, money and headaches further down the line. Our project teams work with your design teams to create a product truly fit for purpose.

Feasibility study

Step 1 -  The Feasibility Study

We look beyond the specification we’ve been given and try to understand what you’re trying to achieve with your product; what you want to show on your interface; simple icons or fully interactive HD graphics, will determine the starting point for both CPU and display selection. We look at  the environment and location where the product is to be used as well as the practical issues of drive ICs, power consumption and mechanical design. We are prepared to go the extra mile and not afraid to look at new concepts or approaches. 

Initial design proposal

Step 2 - The initial Proposal

An initial proposal will cover a combination of the display, the interface and the embedded processor that drives it. We will suggest an appropriate processor solution which can be customised dependent on your performance requirements including graphics, speed, memory, I/O functionality, Operating System and even PCB shape and size, together with a display technology, with or without touch, and address size, colour and any overlays or films needed together with relevant interface type.

Display and embedded customisation

Step 3 - Creating A Custom Solution

User Interface design is very specific to the individual project, and we nearly always design a display solution that is in some way customised specifically for the intended use, whether that be a simple backlight modification, adding sunlight filters or creating a complete custom baseboard. Customisation presents us the opportunity to optimise the design to reduce the cost. Not only can you cut costs directly by removing unwanted features, cost savings can also be made indirectly such as power savings or mechanical design

Modelling the display concept

Step 4 - Modelling the Concept

Will the concept design work? We provide you with an Evaluation Kit to verify your concept without having to configure the electrical interface or set up the graphics drivers as we have taken care all of this already. We turn the approved design into a working HMI while you focus on the aspects of the system that differentiate it in the market. Alternatively, we can provide you with all the key components, core module, display and  reference guides, for your engineering team to go ahead and build the solution themselves.

Display prototyping

Step 5 - Prototyping

To get your product from the approved concept into assembly our team of display specialists, firmware developers, and electronic, mechanical and software engineers work together from our London HQ to create a fully integrated solution. This team will look at any issues, adapting the BSP to ensure that it supports the selected display, then create a detailed which acts as a blueprint that to work from and the benchmark that you use to assess the project as it moves forward.

Pre-production display batch

Step 6 - Pre-production

We are now ready to build the first working prototypes. We continue to work with you to ensure the prototype is fit for purpose and modify the design if necessary, then moving to a pre-production batch as an interim step before moving to full volume production. We will remain fully involved at this stage to solve any issues and inefficiencies before moving to full volume production.

Volume Embedded Display Production

Step 7 - Mass Production & Beyond!

Volume production is never the end of the dialogue – we will continue wo work with you for future product design and production optmisation. Our aim is to get your product to the market on time, and on budget with its design goals achieved. Success, as always, is down not only to the professionalism of the engineers involved, but also to teamwork. We aim to become a single team delivering the project.

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