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Display Modules

Colour, TFT, OLED and Mono Displays. Long life, long supply, high quality and low cost.

embedded computers

Embedded Computing

ARM & X86 COMs and SBCs. Tiny, low power and feature rich. Linux, WinE, Android

touch technology

Touch Screens

Touch Screens and Bezels: P-CAP, Resistive, Optical, Single and Multi-touch options


Embedded Displays

Embedded Displays

Open frame, drop-in ‘User Interface Platforms’ & Commercial Grade Tablets. Linux, WinCE & Android.

Mini Box Computers

Mini Box Computers

Ultra small, fanless, low energy & robust industrial PC’s. Up to core i7 Ivybridge.

Custom Interface Solutions

Custom Design

Concept to production. Complete drop-in UI solutions. Innovate, Differentiate. Sell More



Anders moves to fill the 2.8" QVGA Gap

Recently, we identified that some display companies are either discontinuing or applying large MOQs to 2.8” diagonal QVGA TFT panels. andersDX is offering the 2.8” diagonal QVGA TFT panels with or without a touch screen overlay with minimum order quantities of just 1000 pieces. The display draw just 4mA from a 3V supply. The LED backlight is powered from a 13.2V supply and draws 20mA.

Download NON-TOUCH datasheet

Download TOUCH datasheet