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andersDX Displays

Display Modules

Colour, TFT, OLED and Mono Displays. Long life, long supply, high quality and low cost.

embedded computers

Embedded Computing

ARM & X86 COMs and SBCs. Tiny, low power and feature rich. Linux, WinE, Android

touch technology

Touch Screens

Touch Screens and Bezels: P-CAP, Resistive, Optical, Single and Multi-touch options


Embedded Displays

Embedded Displays

Open frame, drop-in ‘User Interface Platforms’ & Commercial Grade Tablets. Linux, WinCE & Android.

Mini Box Computers

Mini Box Computers

Ultra small, fanless, low energy & robust industrial PC’s. Up to core i7 Ivybridge.

Custom Interface Solutions

Custom Design

Concept to production. Complete drop-in UI solutions. Innovate, Differentiate. Sell More

Circular TFT


Circular TFTs for wearable and industrial applications

Specifically aimed at the growing market for wearables, especially in the healthcare and fitness sectors, andersDX have launched a TFT touchscreen which can be customised for surprisingly affordable NRE and tooling costs - meaning our customers will be able to specify the exact size they want rather than compromising with an off the shelf standard product.

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