Don't take touch for granted

No one shoe-size fits all! Its all about a tailored approach.

Selecting the right IC Touch to enhance your products performance cannot be a generic process. It needs to be tailored to a particular products application needs.

Environmental factors need to be taken into account such as; indoor or outdoor, presence of moisture including rain and steam, temperature extremes etc

Compliance in different industries is also a factor. Some industries such as medical, automotive or marine have more stringent requirements than the consumer market, so choosing a low grade touch IC for these applications may mean test failures.

The users of the end device need to be taken into account at the start of the project. Will they be wearing gloves, will be there high usage on the device, is there possibility of damage?

By not taking stock of these factors, an insufficient touch IC could be selected resulting in failed EMC testing, need for re-design, extending development time, adding costs and delaying getting your product to market.

Anders engineers will conduct a due diligence check on the display design from the very beginning and advise on the best touch solution for any application

Selecting the right IC is fundamental to success from the outset. Get it right from the beginning as addressing mistakes during the production lifecycle are costly.

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