Vital support for COVID medical devices


Nov 20, 2020

In these unprecedented times we find ourselves in, we thought we should stop and reflect upon some of the truly amazing work being carried out by the numerous manufacturers and engineering companies helping in the fight against COVID-19.

Our customer MIR - Medical International Research are working on a project to offer remote patient monitoring for chronic pulmonary-related health issues using their Spirobank Smart range of products.

This piece of equipment is vital during the pandemic as it allows patients to perform tests in the comfort of their own home, download the tests and send to their doctors.

MIR Spirometry drive
Datamed Oxygen Sensors

We would like to highlight our customer Datamed s.r.l. in Italy who are intensifying the production of medical sensors which measure oxygen in blood.

These small devices are used in healthcare settings and intensive care units to monitor for low oxygen levels, one of the possible signs of COVID-19

We are proud to have worked with OES Medical in Oxford to help them prepare the Software production build for new ventilators in the fight against COVID-19.

Our Engineering Team are helping to adapt the BSP to OES's specific HW custom board and configuring features required to run the final User Interface application. By collaborating together we can speed up production of this vital, life-saving piece of equipment.

OES Medical Ventilator Build
Alison Gower receiving the Penlon UK ventilator challenge recognition

At the request of the UK Government, Penlon is working as part of a national drive to produce ventilators for the NHS. We were very grateful to receive acknowledgement from them for our part in helping them produce so many of these life saving pieces of equipment.

We are proud to be working with so many wonderful medical companies across the world to help them develop user interface and embedded solutions for devices which can help detect symptoms and save lives.

If you would like to speak to us about your next medical design, please contact us today.