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Better Together - strengthening the team!


Sep 22, 2020

As two organisations come together, it’s natural for the people involved to take a good look at both their own structure and the company that they’ve merged with to see where individual and co-skills exist. This can be uncomfortable for the people involved, but this is the reality of operational efficiency and best practice.

However, as both Anders and Selectronic have been trending upward in business, technology and innovation, both companies appreciate the power of the people, how those people truly do differentiate, and that is indeed attributing to their success. Companies who are lean and agile are also typically adept at utilising resources effectively. So, this can be an excellent time to reflect and look forward as a learning organisation to strategically plan how to put all human resources to their best use.

So instead of rightsizing, this is a very good time to hit the resetbutton. We have created new jobs to focus on aligning the two companies, ensuring all aspects are connected and supporting the customer base to drive real benefit in the market.

Let’s look at a few of the people taking new roles within the new team.

Mike Logan - Senior Product Manager

In his new position, Mike is a member of the combined leadership team. His role is now about managing the products and services sold as a company, carrying out trend analyses and examining market trends that may help the company better understand the needs of its customers.

By thoroughly reviewing the essential design requirements of the end product/customer, Mike will also be responsible for ensuring that the right manufacturing partner with the right capabilities will be selected, be it technically, commercially or quality driven to support a design from the early stage of the process.

With more products and services to offer than ever before, Mike feels the company have essentially entered a new era, so it made sense to create product management roles to help steer the company in the right direction. Ensuring the right partner for the right project will benefit both the company and customers.

Mike will be keeping a keen eye on new innovations and developments in the display solutions industry, as a whole, including the very latest Micro-LED and Quantum dot technology, plus advances in antimicrobial technology to keep our touchscreens safe. He will be keeping the team up to date on what’s happening in the that industry. He is excited to be a part of building something that is going to be great for the company and knowing he will have played an essential and important role in achieving that.This is an exciting new role for Mike that puts his finger well and truly on the pulse of the industry.

Margaret Kato - Head of Global Operations

As Head of Global Operations, Margaret is responsible for managing operational performance and resilience, supply chain management and acquisition integration.

She looks for opportunities to optimise business processes, develop and consolidate supply chain, evaluate people potential growth, and prepare succession plans to align resources to Anders business strategy.

Her new role focuses on business strategy, developing the framework to build sustainable business growth instead of day-to-day business operations, and coaching/mentoring managers to continually develop employees’ knowledge. In essence - building for the future. A situation like this is an opportunity for employees to take additional responsibilities, develop leadership skills and knowledge as part of their own career progression, so it is an exciting time for all.

Since Margaret had been developing her own succession plan over the past few years, her move to Global Operations was a smooth one. She knows that encouraging cross-functional sharing of knowledge and experience will help build a stronger company. Because of years of guidance and support from customers, manufacturing partners and other areas of business, her team leaders are now able to run day to day business with minimal assistance.

Being able to step back from day-to-day operations allows Margaret to focus on new technology and market trends, identify solutions for challenges that strategic customers are experiencing and expand our value-added services. Our Asia Operations team have previously worked within Display and LED manufacturers, so they have hands-on experience in the industry, helping us improve time-to-market and our responsiveness to customer requests.

Kelvin Stark - Global Sales Director

As the company expands, Kelvin will now have responsibility for a larger sales team. With over 30 years of experience, he is looking forward to bringing the two companies together and forming a stronger organisation. At Selectronic, Kelvin assisted with bringing nearly all their suppliers into the supply chain. He is also very familiar with the production process of those factories. He knows that customers look for designs that help them stand out in the marketplace, and that innovative displays and opto-electronics help them do just that.

With a history of talent and experience across both companies, Kelvin looks forward to next steps with his united team. He’s excited to help create a bigger and more effective company than the sum of the two before the merger, and for the opportunities the merger brings to customers. Kelvin envisions a total solution-driven company that is customer and market focused. As the company examines fresh opportunities and alignments, he looks forward to motivating the combined sales team for newfound success.

Our new company that’s emerging is one with an eye to the organisation that we want to be in five years from now. We looked at the individual strengths of their newly formed team, envisioned the future and as a result, re-positioned and promoted people. The people that have been put into new roles will not only ultimately benefit the customer but will also start the process to move us towards its strategic growth objectives and an increased market share.

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