Antimicrobial Coatings for safer touchscreens

Can touchscreens sanitise themselves?

Every day we use touchscreens to pay for groceries, buy tickets for public transport and access hotel rooms and office buildings. However, while they can help us avoid direct contact with others, harmful organisms can survive on the surface and be transferred between users. How can we avoid this.

Strict cleaning, to sanitise areas such as supermarket checkouts, has become extremely important to help commercial organisations reassure their customers and comply with government guidelines, but this is labour-intensive and time consuming.

A more effective solution would be for the existing touchscreen to sanitise itself

We can now achieve this by either integrating new touchscreen glass or aftermarket glass screen protectors that have been enhanced by a dual “always on” antimicrobial (or antibacterial) and antiviral coating technology.

We are working with world-leading brand Kastus® to offer this solution as a new or retrofittable solution for our customers.

The Kastus solution is a patented technology which remains effective for the lifetime of the product. It is also proven to be effective against Human Coronavirus and many other viruses.

Natural light activates the coating to produce a continuous cloud of reactive oxygen species that attacks the bacteria.

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