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Lee O'Toole celebrates 10 years with the new website!


Sep 23, 2019

Did you know, that the average person changes their job around 12 times during their career?

And most people spend five years or less in every job.

That’s another factor that differentiates Anders from other UK technology companies.

Recently, we celebrated Mike Logan, our Display and Input Managers 25th Anniversary with Anders and today, we are delighted to continue the merriment (more cake for us), as we commemorate Lee O’Toole, our Marketing and Communications Manager’s tenth year with Anders. Yes Lee, that is a whole decade!

And what a decade it’s been in the marketing and communication world.

The changing face of Marketing #10 year challenge

It’s the pace of change that has kept Lee engaged in her role, but it’s been the role itself in Anders that has kept her fiercely loyal to the company.

The digital age, the speed and nature in which we digest educational content, has led Lee to invest her time and resources to ensure that Anders has the best and most dominant online platform in the market. Her goal, to make the Anders online channels the go-to resource for anyone and everyone who has LCD display and embedded technology questions or needs. Kind of like the ‘Wiki’ for displays.

Providing instant access to the information you need

Why do people like Wiki? Because it’s instant access to the information you need, as you need it. This says a lot about how the behaviour of online users has transformed. It’s not always a leisurely browse. It’s the need for speed. This is why the website that Anders has just launched is built for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), making it faster and more accessible.It’s responsive, reliable, and robust to feed into the wearable device market. If you’ve got a question about embedded technology on the go, the Anders site will have the answer for you at the press of a button. And soon that will be at the sound of your voice, as the team gets the site ready to operate via voice control, neat, right. Yeah hands free!

And like any strong Wiki site, quality counts. In Business to Business marketing (B2B), we used to catch our net wide and go fishing for the day. Now, thanks to ‘big data’, we take a more targeted approach as we know our customers better. The better we know them, the better we can serve them with a product fit for function.

What's on the new website?

Our new website also boasts a wealth of useful and helpful tools, to make our customers lives simple and quicker. As the people behind the screen, we bring to you a more comprehensive resource centre and Wiki Q&A resources. We will be adding to these all of the time, so please feel free to ask any question and we will get you the answer. In relation to LCD and embedded technology of course, not why is there a leap year? (The most common question asked on Google). And whilst we are discussing the largest search engine in the world, our new Anders website, like Google will be super easy to navigate and lightning speed to respond. So, if you want to know how you can enhance your design, ask us, we are on it like Sonic.

So, congratulations again to Lee, a warrior for marketing in a transformational time. All of these dramatic differences to her role also coincided with the birth and growth of her 11-year-old twins. Secretly this is another reason she’s not only kept her toe in the digital world, but has immersed her whole self in it, as she wants to be able to understand and keep a watchful eye over her kids!

But it has been her role in Anders, the way it’s constantly evolved in keeping with technology and the culture that resides within the company that’s meant the past ten years have flashed in front of Lee’s eyes. She would also like to give a special thanks to her young, enthusiastic, Italian counterpart Gabi (erm, that’s me!), who she says has helped her immensely over the past few years. (Did I mention young?)

By Gabi, Lee’s Italian marketing sidekick!

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