Largest custom mono LCD display that combats sunlight


Sep 02, 2015

When Anders were presented with the challenge of delivering rugged, readable information displays in the blazing sun of an Israeli public transport network, we set about designing and developing the largest full graphic monochrome LCD display module we have ever attempted!

The customer: DataINFOMOBILITY, a division of the Italian engineering company DataMED, is a world-class leader in providing turn-key solutions for public transport information delivery. Devoted to offering easy and reliable solutions, they have developed several innovative solar powered Electronic Signage Systems for bus arrival information.

These systems can display single or multiple bus lines with real-time information enabling users to know when the next bus arrives – or any other message which is uploaded into the system! Data is communicated through a smart embedded wireless module with networking capability.

In order to match their customer’s expectations, DataINFOMOBILITY needed a very specific, large rugged display for outdoor use. The display needed to be capable of handling temperatures of +80°C while offering high readability under strong sunlight.

The solution: the display developed by Anders is a 640 x 120 graphic monochrome measuring 479.10 x 113.10 x 12.5mm. It features high grade transflective polarisers on the front and rear LCD glass layers combined with an ultra-low power consumption white LED backlight, ensuring exceptionally high readability in any light conditions. Tested and certified to handle temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C, this rugged, fully customised display module is able to stand up to harsh environmental conditions!

Commenting Ing. Bolzoni, Innovation & Business Development at DataINFOMOBILITY:

We were faced with a tough challenge to provide a high quality system in very demanding conditions. Working with Anders was very easy as they had the in-house expertise to identify the issues from the outset and develop a solution which really worked.
AndersDX responded by customising a large monographic display for us that handled perfectly the relentless Israeli heat. Not only that but it is low-power but does not compromise on quality – meaning our customers are very happy people

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