International Women's Day


Mar 08, 2021

The majority of the Anders Operations/Supply Chain Team are women. But certain roles should not be stereotyped to gender - it’s not about being a man or a woman, it’s about having the best person to do their best job.

Leadership requires people who are capable of thinking beyond functional boundaries. The aspirational leader takes a wide view of business and is dedicated to continuous reading, studying, networking, and continuously learning from everywhere and anywhere, everyone and anyone.

Be selfless and mentor/coach employees to be the best versions of themselves

Clare MacEachrane - Head of UK Operations

Be passionate about your job because events happening across the globe will affect our daily work therefore awareness, knowledge, curiosity, and incessant learning is essential to adapt quickly to new circumstances.

Every day is different and can be stressful, so dedicating time to look after mental and physical health and wellbeing is essential, as we all need to be resilient, resourceful, and have a positive mental attitude to crisis management.
Clare MacEachrane - Head of UK Operations at Anders Electronics

Vina Zhang - Head of Asia Operations

Be open to opportunities and challenges and embrace change. If a job is not challenging, ask yourself if it is worth doing. Partner with people that are different from you and make you think differently. Build a diverse team, as it’s important to listen to others views in an open-minded way to identify alternative solutions. Encourage cross functional teamwork, knowledge sharing and play to people’ strengths.

Be a role model for continuous learning, reading, listening, observing, and implementing changes that will stretch our potential. Invest time in coaching the team and care about everyone’s career development as it will benefit all. Setting and achieving goals is essential for every business however, it is also important that we transform the team into people that will endlessly improve their knowledge and skills to become a better version of themselves.
Vina Zhang - Head of Asia Operations at Anders Electronics

Margaret Kato - Head of Global Operations

I have been mentoring the team at Anders to always challenge themselves by improving their knowledge, learning, and taking on additional responsibilities. The result is that they have started “leading” instead of simply following instructions. The positive outcome is that we can take advantage of faster decision making and shared responsibility. This also has a positive impact on promotions and succession planning. As our team has grown and developed into one that can harness one another’s strengths, my time can now be dedicated towards strategic change, complex business modelling, people development and challenging activities towards sustainable business growth.

Success depends on how well you have developed your team to support you in the journey.

Margaret Kato - Head of Global Operations at Anders Electronics