HDMI Displays

When speed matters, inject some pace into your product development

We are in an industry where we are often asked by our technology partners how they can inject speed into the supply chain. With the increased number of pressures on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), time-to-market, time-in-market, and time-to-yield, are of the upmost importance.

With the competitive landscape increasing, yet the product lifecycle decreasing, ensuring that your product is ‘first’ on the shelf, or the ‘best’ on the shelf is of the upmost importance.

Benefits of HDMI Displays

HDMI Displays offer a solution for rapid prototyping and proof of concept, therefore a quicker solution to take to and test in the market.

Anders have a selection of HDMI enabled displays that make rapid prototyping even easier by providing a Mini-USB port to easily connect the touchscreen to any of the large number of single-board computers that provide a USB connection.

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Plug and Play Solutions

Our displays feature an HDMI coversion board and are available in sizes from 5" to 10.1", which are popular for industrial embedded use cases such as.


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