Giving your HMI display a wider viewing angle

What are the options available?

Your user interface may need to be seen from a wide variety of angles for various reasons. Multiple users may need to interact wit the display. On the other hand, equipment may be safer and easier to use if the display content can be read from any angle.

So what are the options available to engineers seeking a display with a particularly wider viewing angle?

In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology was developed specifically to ensure superior colour reproduction and stability, compared to conventional displays, while extending the viewing angle.

The technical bit: The crystal structure and electrode placement are arranged to ensure that the molecules are always aligned parallel to the plane of the display.

Compared to TN displays contrast and colour are more consistent over a wider viewing angle with IPS, and optimum visibility is achieved throughout wide-ranging conditions and environments, including daylight.

An MVA (Multidomain Vertical Alignment) display is another option for wider viewing angles. It sits between between a TN and IPS display.

The technical bit: An MVA display is designed so that the liquid crystal molecules are aligned perpendicular to the glass in several domains.

As a result, the brightness and colour of individual pixels appear more uniform over a wider viewing angle. But consider what information you want to display.

Optical Bonding creates a permanent bond between the front surface of the liquid crystal display and the rear side of touchscreen, using a specially formulated Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA). 

The absence of an air gap significantly reduces ambient light reflection, resulting in brighter  and more vivid colours that can be seen more clearly from acute angles.

It can take an experienced engineer to balance the various trade-offs and achieve the best overall solution. This is our speciality, at Anders, so do come and talk to us if you’re concerned about viewing angle in any current or future project.

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