Better Together - it all stacks up!


Jul 13, 2020

You recently read our article where we shared with you our exciting news that we merged with Selectronic, leaders in optoelectronics and active displays.

We are now four months and one lockdown, into our two companies becoming one, and we’ve spent this time strategically, to allow us to move out into the market with an expanded capabilities roadmap, specifically engineered to benefit our current and future customers.

In March we told you about the increased breadth to our overall product portfolio, and our enhanced depth in range of engineering solutions and services that are now accessible to our valued customers.

Today, we are proud to be able to put the following picture to you, our Capabilities Matrix, which enables you, at a glance, to see how our company merger brings better together benefits to us all.

Anders expanded technology and product capabilities

Increased Technologies / Products across:

Enhanced Engineering Capabilities across:

  • Optical
  • Touch & Firmware
  • Hardware Design
  • Software Support
  • Mechanical Integration
Anders expanded engineering capabilities

So, after analysis of the above, I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve got you covered, whatever your display and embedded system need may be.

And our expanded offering doesn’t end here.The merger has furthered Anders, with significant location and geographical landscape growth in varying locations. This has had real-time supply chain benefits with immediate effect.We will tell you about these, and introduce to you our Warehouse Supervisor, David Souch, in our next article. From our new logistics location in Witney, Oxfordshire, David, despite the many threats COVID-19 posed to the supply chain, was able to keep our UK clients supplied, with zero disruption.

Want to learn more about our extended display and embedded capabilities? Get in touch!