Developing tech talent of the future

The UK's is still seeing a persistent skills and diversity shortfall, and Anders wholeheatedly support the Royal Academy of Engineering's campaign to change this!

Like the Academy, we’d like to follow their agenda to change the current perception of what engineering means and how it’s observed by the next generation.

Anders are a diverse company, who benefits from being a mixture of nationalities and age groups, coming together to make a varied and viable company. Our engineers have the opportunity to work with global organisations and make the design process easy and seamless.

Our diverse team continuously learn from those around them, whilst having the autonomy to drive their own design through to reality. As a young engineer, working with a company that embraces being a learning organisation is key to your future development and progression.

Over 40% of our company is made up of engineering experts who cover every key engineering discipline; firmware, hardware, mechanical, optical, and software allowing us to continually optimise our engineering expertise gained over decades in the embedded display landscape.

To immerse yourself into an engineering culture, you’re looking to work within a company that invests in engineering resources and talent. We are proud to say that is what we do at Anders!