EMC - Electromagnetic Compatability

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the concept of enabling different electronics devices to operate without interfering with each other.

Electromagnetic compatibility, EMC ensures that operation does not influence the electromagnetic environment to the extent that the functions of other devices and systems are adversely affected.

All electronics circuits have the possibility of radiating of picking up unwanted electrical interference which can compromise the operation of one or other of the circuits.

There are two main elements to EMC:

  • Emissions: The EMI emissions refer to the generation of unwanted electromagnetic energy. These need to be reduced below certain acceptable limits to ensure they do not cause any disruption to other equipment.
  • Susceptibility & immunity: The susceptibility of an item of electronics to EMI is the way it reacts to unwanted electromagnetic energy. The aim of the design of the circuit is to ensure a sufficiently high level of immunity to these unwanted signals.