WILD is the first WiFi RTT access point to allow for WiFi indoor location detection/tracking with supported Android 9 smartphones and is able to deliver under 0.5 meter accuracy. With increasing emphasis on customer experience and satisfaction, WILD can be used to locate a product in a store, navigate in a factory or find a parked car - the possibilities are endless.

Wi-Fi RTT enables reliable, accurate indoor location for countless uses in retail, healthcare, smart factory, logistics, transportation, smart buildings and many many more and is based on the Fitlet2 Apollo Lake micro fanless IoT gateway PC.


Giving users full control

Wi-Fi RTT is designed with privacy in mind. The user has full control of whether, where and when to enable it, and does not have to associate with a Wi-Fi network or identify. In many cases anonymous indoor location can replace intrusive video-based tracking.

Property owners can utilize Wi-Fi RTT for location-based interaction with visitors to provide services like notifications and directions, suggesting a nearby product, offering assistance etc. Location data can prove valuable for generating accurate heatmaps and understanding patterns of visitor behavior on premises.

Wi-Fi RTT technology is included in Android 9 Pie and can be used commercially today. Owners of Android 9 Pie smartphones can start today using Wi-Fi RTT indoor location services in buildings having WILD access-points installed.

About WILD


WILD is based on the Fitlet2, a unique fanless micro-sized PC with robust die-cast housing. With latest technology, extreme reliability, enhanced flexibility and low power consumption, Fitlet2 is a beautifully designed PC for 24/7 use.

  • Powered by dual and quad core Intel Apollo Lake
  • Up to 16GB RAM
  • Internal storage: 2.5" SSD/HDD, M.2 SATA SSD or eMMC
  • Customisable I/O using the Function and Connectivity Extention T-Card (FACET), providing features such as PoE, optical LAN, CANbus, extra USB ports, GPIOs and more.
  • Robust with an all metal mousing



  • Dual GB Ethernet for remote management and routing.
  • Includes Intel Wireless-AC 8260 that provides Wi-Fi RTT functionality in co-existance with Wi-Fi SoftAP
  • 4G modem or a second Wi-Fi module can be installed


  • Latest GNU/Linux Debian including KDE and standard package management
  • WILD drivers and utilities are pen source
  • Indoor location can be calculated by a WILD gateway, using the mobile itself, by an on-premises server or by a cloud-service

Evaluation & development

WILD is ready to go out of the box and once powered, automatically boots and starts responding to ranging requests. Evaluation usually starts with ranging from a WILD mobile device to a WILD access-point and can change role from an access-point to a mobile device using a single command. We provide an open source Android application implementing ranging to WILD using Wi-Fi RTT API.

WILD can be mounted as far as 30 meters apart. Thanks to having standard PC connectivity and running a full operating system, the WILD access points can run additional tasks in parallel including digital signage, surveillance and access control.

For evaluation and development we recommend ordering five or more WILD with Celeron J3455, 4 GB RAM and 16 GB eMMC. We can also offer the kit with Yocto or Ubuntu Indoor Positioning FTM Responders/Initiators - please ask for more information.

Once evaluated, WILD can be custom configured with your choice of CPU, RAM, Storage and I/O options.


Accurate rela-time indoor location is beneficial rto many IoT applications, including obile robots, autonomous vehicles, mobile assets and hand-held devices. WILD IoT is a Wi-Fi RTT ready platform that can be easily integrated into such scenarios, making them location aware and have the benefit of providing exception real-time location accuracy below 0.5m in three dimensions. WILD IoT uses the same hardware and software as WILD access-point, making the devices interchangeable.


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Recommended Applications

  • Retail
  • Smart Factory
  • Robotics
  • Logistics
  • Fleet Management
  • Smart Building


We offer you a 5-Year warranty which includes full support, technical expertise and life cycle management.

Product Documentation

Consult datasheet for full product specifications and options (CPU, storage, memory, temperature, OS...).

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