Display Technology Roadshow

Our unique display technology roadshows help you get closer to a display manufacturer to find out the latest developments in display technology. Our technology days will feature TFT and OLED displays from manufacturer Truly Semiconductors who have invested heavily to increase the capacity of their AMOLED, PMOLED and TFT production.

WEDNESDAY 1st November 2017
11:30 - 14:00
Room: MR10

Why attend?

  • Your opportunity to get closer to a display manufacturer and discover the latest developments in interface technology
  • See interactive demos of the latest TFT and OLED displays
  • Help you with project focussed design decisions
  • Talk through specific challenges you may have with your existing or future projects

On display will be:

AMOLED Technology:

It is hard to overstate the impact AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED) technology makes on the user: with all-round viewability, a high contrast ratio and exceptional appearance. These displays are economic for relatively low volume applications, allowing you to create a user interface that puts your product in a class of its own.



PMOLED DisplayPMOLED Technology:
At Anders, we are seeing a rise in the use of PMOLED as a replacement for FSTN Character and Low Resolution Graphics Modules. The appearance and performance of PMOLED modules are two compelling reasons to switch, and as volumes have grown prices have come down dramatically.

TFT Displays:
The very latest TFT displays with high contrast, stunning clarity and all round viewing angles.

Circular Displays:
All the display technologies above will also be demonstrated in the latest circular designs.

All displays can be customised to fit your application including custom coverlens, backlight enhancements, touch tuning and optical enhancements.


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