Custom Coverlens

Coverlens can not only make your product truly stand out from the crowd, but also provide screen protection and the ability to enhance viewing. andersDX have a wealth of experience in producing stunning custom Coverlens solutions and any request is possible.

Custom coverlens with oversize glassGlass size and thickness:

Different applications require difference glass strengths and thickness. Glass thickness ranges from 0.7mm to 10mm and can be chemically strengthened or toughened for harsh environments. 

The Coverlens itself can fit the display or be made oversized to extend the touch area and allow easy integration of the display into your enclosure.


Logos and Icons:

Anything can be printed onto your cover glass, from a company logo to functional icons which can be permanently visible or hidden until lit.


Optical Bonding:

Optical bonding is a well-established technology which dramatically reduces the internal reflections produced between the coverlens, sensor and display layers by filling the air gaps in between those layers with optically clear adhesives.

This makes a huge difference to screen readability, especially in brightly lit ambient lighting and outdoor environments. Optical bonding also prevents condensation forming in between layers and improves mechanical shock resistance.

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Films and Filters:

We can offer a range of films and filters to reduce glare and reflection, including o-film to increase viewing angles and moth-eye film, which is a lower cost alternative to our full optical bonding service.

In addition, we also offer coatings which can protect your display from scratches and scuffs or privacy filters to guard sensitive information from passers-by.


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