Custom Display Design: Cost-Effective, Accessible, Easy?


Jun 14, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, creating a custom display can be more economical than some may think, particularly if a monochrome xSTN technology is to be used.

You can get so much more control over the features of the user interface, including the opportunity to specify special icons and arrange segment or dot arrays in positions that exactly suit your original vision for the user interface. Other choices, such as electrical connections – whether low-cost pins, elastomer strip and bezel combination, or environmentally robust heat-sealed connections – further enhance flexibility to achieve exactly the result you want.

Many other aspects need to be worked out as well, and the choices can be extensive. It is important to consider how the display will perform in the target operating environment: viewing performance can change with temperature, and the display should also be able to withstand other effects such as humidity or vibration.

Matching a display type to the application needs, for example the most likely ambient lighting conditions, needs to be considered carefully – with choices of reflective, transflective or transmissive viewing modes.

custom monochrome display

In addition, the intended orientation also determines how the display’s polarising layer is to be positioned, and if the display needs to be viewable from wide angles this, too, can influence the choice of display technology and its design. The backlighting, and how it will be powered, also needs to be worked out. LED backlighting is very popular, and can operate from a low-voltage DC supply.

With many display manufacturers in the Far East, so it is important to provide the most comprehensive specification possible, to ensure you get the display you want first time, and not the display the manufacturer thought you wanted.

The fact is, however, that as the product designer, you will often have a clearer vision of the experiences you want the user interface to deliver. You can’t be expected to understand the finer points of designing display hardware.

Relax. There is nothing to be gained by stepping out of your comfort zone. AndersDX has helped many OEM teams design the perfect custom display capable of delivering the user experiences they have envisaged, and which is also durable, good-looking, and – importantly – right first time from our manufacturing partners.

It’s important that the user interface should fulfil your original vision for the product and you should not have to compromise. Our experience in display design can help you ensure it delivers the best possible experience for your customers.

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