Less is More with Vertical Alignment Displays

We all know that creating an attention-grabbing user interface is the most important factor to get your new product noticed.

Of course, first impressions endure, but sooner or later your customer will settle down to use the product seriously, rather than just trying out the features. This is when the value of all that careful thought, about how your user interface should really work, can pay off. You can win that customer’s loyalty for the longer term with a design that is clear and easy to view, simple to understand, and ideally smarter than the competition.

An example of our custom Vertical Alignment (VA) monochrome LCD display

This type of display concept is particularly sought after in the every growing smart metering marketplace where clear, simple but striking displays at a low cost are required. One display that can do just that is a negative mode Vertical Alignment (VA) monochrome LCD display. Its true black background gives sharp contrast to crisp, cool-white icons and segment or alphanumeric characters that tell users exactly what they need to know. With a little imaginative screen printing, you can add a splash of colour to highlight an alert or most-important feature. You don’t even have to choose white as the main colour for the digits. With use of LED technology, you can have almost any colour backlight. Its impressive all round wide viewing angles ensure the display can be read from the most acute angles.

With our experience in designing user interfaces featuring the latest and best display technologies, we can help you get the appearance and the optics just right. But we can go further than that, by solving all the design and integration challenges hardware, software and mechanical - and keep the project on schedule, so you can focus on delivering the best possible product to market, exactly when you need it.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your next project deliver the best ever user experience.

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