Style your product with an AMOLED display!

There is no doubt that there is a fashion-driven element to the display industry – and if you want a user interface that really makes your product look different and stylish – look no further than AMOLED.

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We were therefore extremely excited to hear that Truly Semiconductor, one of our strongest partners, has invested in a new 4.5G line which will be focussed on building AMOLED products. The new line significantly increases overall capacity and although the line is predominantly focussed on AMOLED, it can also be utilised for larger size displays for custom TFT designs.

Truly Group has an outstanding track record, with 14 years’ experience in PMOLED and 8 years’ experience in TFT. Our relationship with them goes back a long way, and we have been their UK and Ireland distributor for 5 years and recently we announced a UK representative agreement in tandem.

The AMOLED production on the 4.5G line is based on a Low-Temperature Poly-silicon (LTPS) backplane with a pixel density up to 500 PPI; for TFT production the line will be based on an amorphous-silicon backplane with a pixel density up to 300 PPI.

We expect to see AMOLED products up to 6" initially, increasing to 10.1" and TFT’s up to 10.4” Diagonal; we expect the main interest to come from customers in wearable, automotive, industrial and medical markets. The line will come on-stream fully I 2017 and we’re actively discussing new projects now.

Inside Truly FactoryTruly's Impressive Production line

Get in touch with us if you too are interested in AMOLED display for your product design!

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