Tough but affordable protective glass for your display

using outdoor electronicsAchieving drop, scratch and impact resistance for display cover glass has become much more economic, following the launch of our new protective coating.

The coating is ideal for a variety of portable electronics equipment, including wearables, consumer and industrial electronics, and costs considerably less than full toughened glass.


Optical Diamond Like Coating (oDLC™) from Truly Semiconductor is available on displays up to 16” diagonal to achieve superior scratch resistance while maintaining outstanding optical clarity. An oDLC coating offers benefits such as high hardness, resistance to wear, chemical inertness and optical transparency, as well as low friction and smoothness. The coating is compatible with touch overlays and is priced typically less per square inch less than popular toughened glass alternatives

This coating allows designers to create a very durable product without the cost or additional weight associated with premium glass normally recommended for this kind of application. For example, in a wearable application, a customer was able to use a lower grade toughened glass together with oDLC to achieve the required scratch and drop resistance within their budget. In a medical application, adding an oDLC coating allowed a touch screen to achieve the required impact resistance, whilst maintaining compatibility with gloved hands.

Commenting, our Display Group  Manager Paul Hooper said:

“Portable electronics for industrial, medical and consumer markets needs to withstand scratching, hazing and breakage. oDLC offers a high level of protection against these hazards at a very attractive price point.”

He continued, “The oDLC coating offered by Truly offers outstanding optical properties, including transparency and colour neutrality. Customers are able to specify oDLC coatings with a standard glass to improve its resistance to abuse or use a thinner and lighter cover glass whilst maintaining a good level of strength. They are also able to add an oDLC coating to a high end glass to further improve its strength and lifetime in adverse environments.”

testing glass resistanceThe optimized Diamond-Like-Carbon thin-film coating provides more than 20% increase in scratch resistance, 10% increase in haze resistance, and approximately 20% increase in breakage resistance compared to uncoated display cover glass.

It delivers this performance whilst maintaining high optical clarity, offering 91% of the light transmission of uncoated glass.

oDLC thin film technology was developed and is supplied to Truly by Intevac, Inc. (Nasdaq: IVAC). oDLC™ is a trademark of Intevac, Inc.


The Intevac oDLC (Optical Diamond-like-Carbon) thin-film protective coating tested using a series of industry standard tests.

Would you like to learn more about this service on our range of displays? Contact our team of experts!


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