Is the long-term supply of standard TFT displays threatened?

TFT-supplyWith the development of newer technologies within displays, there is no doubt that the past few months have seen uncertainty in the TFT market in terms of cost and lead times.

In this article, Paul Hooper, our Display Group Manager discussed:

  1. Concerns over TFT availability
  2. Get a stable source of supply
  3. AMOLED impact on supply
  4. How can AndersDX help?

1. Concerns over TFT availability.

There seems to be concern over TFT availability, what trends are you seeing in the market?

With growing demand for AMOLED in high volume consumer markets, some manufacturers have switched capacity to this new technology. This has led to a tightening in the availability of standard colour TFT displays: lead times have moved out and prices have been impacted. The impact is probably temporary but can cause pain for customers that don’t have an adequate buffer stock and/or a second source of supply.

2. Get a stable source of supply.

How can I get a stable source of supply for my displays?

AMOLED is the just the most recent example of an issue that comes up on a regular basis. A few years ago, for example, smartphones started to increase in size, causing a temporary shortage of smaller displays. If your display supplier supplies hundreds of thousands of displays into the smartphone, tablet or other high volume consumer market, TFT-supply-industrialthey will inevitably prioritise those customers over the industrial market.

For an industrial customer, the best solution is to engage with a supplier whose main focus is the industrial market.

Truly, for example, a $3B Display Specialist is the biggest small and medium size display module manufacturer in China employing around 30,000 people. They will offer small to medium volume customers a consistent supply of displays, manufactured to their specification at a stable cost point.

3. AMOLED impact on supply.

Truly has launched an AMOLED range. Will this impact TFT availability from them?

Actually, no it doesn’t. Truly has a strong commitment to maintaining availability of the display technologies popular in the industrial market in the long term, including TFT. Whilst they are investing in new display technologies like AMOLED, and bringing them to market in volumes that are economic for industrial display users. These lines are additional to, and not instead of, industrial TFT production capacity, giving customers confidence in their long term commitment to the technology. Truly Semiconductor has an 850,000 sq. mt. facility devoted to TFT panel manufacture in Shanwei, China. In addition, Truly recently announced the opening of a new 4.5G display production line, which supports the manufacture of both Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) and TFT production.

4. How can Anders help?

How can Anders help customers who are concerned about supply?

Our strong partnerships with major manufacturers like Truly allow us to offer you a secure source of supply. We have been the Truly distributor in the UK since 2010, and were recently appointed as a direct sales representative allowing us to support a much wider base of customers. We offer customers access to Truly’s extensive display production capacity with the benefit of local technical, commercial and logistical support throughout the life of the project. We can engage with you at the design stage, and stay involved through to prototype and all stages of volume production.

Do you have further question about TFT displays? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts!

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