Affordable sunlight readable displays with “moth-eye” film


With a definite shift in the use of displays in outdoor environments, manufacturers are looking for cost effective ways of ensuring the display on their product is easily readable - whatever the environment.

This is possible with a new, affordable, 'moth-eye' surface treatment which enables displays to be read, at wide viewing angles in bright sunlight conditions. This is available on TFT modules up to 10.1", including this 7” PCAP touchscreen display module.

The moth eye film surface treatment uses technology which very cleverly mimics the microsized lenses in the eye of a moth. It reduces internal reflections between the display and PCAP touchscreen, giving much better readability especially in outdoor applications where sunlight and other factors contribute to creating a difficult environment. The film gives an improved visual appearance when in use and ensures that the display looks completely black when off.



Commenting, Paul Hooper, Display Group Manager at andersDX said,

“More and more electronic displays are being used outdoors, to control instruments, to provide information and to deliver advertising. It is essential that these screens can be viewed clearly at all times of day, in any light condition. Moth-eye film is an affordable technology that greatly improves readability. We are amongst the first to offer this alternative to the industrial display market.”

Moth-eye film uses nanostructures to reduce reflections and limit the effect that ambient light has on the display. They achieve very low levels of reflectivity over the entire visible spectrum, enabling the display to be read easily from wider angles. There is no tooling cost or minimum order quantity associated with the film.

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