Strong mono display demand hails new partnership

At AndersDX we are committed to continually evolving our range of products and and ensuring we are working with the very best partners in order to help our customers develop products that far exceed their initial expectations. 

Techshine-productionIn order to address continuing demand for passive mono displays from smart meter, medical and industrial customers we've established a new partnership with Shenzhen-based Techshine, which offers transmissive and transflective displays and is able to tool full custom displays with a low minimum order quantity. 

"We are still seeing strong demand for mono displays but many larger manufacturers have either pulled out of the market or announced plans to do so. We've identified Techshine as a strong, high quality supplier that is investing in this passive display technology, allowing us to offer our customers a source for mono displays for as long as they continue to need them.

There are opportunities to supply mono displays both into new designs and to customers whose existing suppliers are discontinuing their support. By partnering with Techshine, we will keep this option open for our customers for the foreseeable future."

Commenting, Paul Hooper, our Display Group Manager.


Techshine, formed in 2005, is accredited to ISO9001-2008, ISO14001 and is RoHS and REACH compliant. What is more, it expects to achieve ISO/TS16949 in March 2017.It has sales offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul and California. 

Currently it has one TN display line and two STN production lines in operation at its 49,000m2 site in Qinzhou City and is planning a fourth in 2017. This will enable us to offer our customers a full range of Techshine passive display technologies in sizes from 1” to 5”. 


Techshine's Impressive Production line

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