Excellent display design for coffee machine

We have enjoyed a successful partnership with Saeco since 2009, providing customised TFT displays for its wide and innovative range of professional and domestic coffee machines.

State of art coffee Saeco machine with touch screen displaySaeco - a trademark of the Philips Group since 2009 - launched its first espresso machine 30 years ago, beginning a journey to help people enjoy authentic Italian coffee in their own kitchen. Since 1985, Italian engineers there have been passionate about enabling everyone to make quality coffee while eliminating the hassle, through advanced technology and excellent design.  

At Anders Electronics, we are proud to say that we have been there as one of their main display suppliers, helping Saeco be one of the first companies to offer a wide viewing angle 7” TFT PCAP touch screen on their coffee machines (including Nextage) for all round and clear viewing by the end users.

One of the many challenges of display integration within coffee machines that Anders and Saeco have resolved together is the presence of steam which can cause touch screen dysfunction. We were able to overcome this by using a special Integrated Controller (IC) on the displays to work through water vapour, enabling consumers to craft their coffee experience at home via a Saeco espresso machine in the smoothest way.

As, Nicholas Lee, Full Automatic and Manual Espresso Business Leader at Philips, points out “We know that daily life is faster, busier and more hectic, with people searching for quality time and experiences. Our partnership with Anders Electronics and the innovative solutions we have co-created are a further testament to our promise: to design a premium coffee experience around our consumers, with ‘amore’ ”.

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